Dance Mastery Workshop

“Whole self development through the dance for Inner Health , Happiness and Success

Saturday 1st of October 10am to 5pm

Dance Mastery is an integrative movement system. It explores the underlying principles at the foundation of the dance, how these principles manifest and what we may achieve by tuning into all of our faculties: our thoughts, emotions, physical body and higher awareness simultaneously.

The system uses the classical western dance form as this already works with principles based on Natural Law, Centre of Gravity, Geometry, oppositional forces and direction of energy flow.

Dance Mastery involves a series of exercises and movement experiences that allow the freedom to enjoy one’s work by finding: inner health, happiness  and success.

The Workshop will be led by Konstantin Pavlidis who created and founded DanceMastery over thirty years ago and has since been teaching the system successfully around the world in Dance Companies and Schools including The Dutch National Ballet, Ballet Bejart de Lausanne, the Stuttgart Ballet School, the Rambert Ballet School and the Universal Ballet Company-Korea

The Day will start with a practical morning session from 10am – 1pm

After the Lunch break, from 2pm, there will be a theoretical part followed by a second practical session to conclude the day by 5pm.

What we explore:

  • Breathing, meditation and visualisation 
  • Activate and increase life force in the body in order to learn how energy can move us instead of using muscular strength.
  • Understanding the natural laws of movement (Centre of gravity, geometry, oppositional forces, directions of energy flow) 
  • Applying these laws to the principle movements in classical dance to improve technique.
  • Through the principles, find you own unique movement.
  • Exercises that correct physiological/psychological imbalances and re-align the body.
  • Philosophy of human movement in Classical Dance.
  • Analysing an individual’s source of movement in dance and their relationship to space. This leads to clearer communication in performance.
  • Self-care and treatment of injuries and prevention of further damage

The purpose of the work is to facilitate a deeper understanding of our inner nature, and the interaction between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of a human. This will assist the dancer leading to more harmony and balance and a better performance.Dance Mastery is a revolutionary technique made by dancers through dancers for the dance itself, designed to achieve excellence in your performance skills.