Product Description

Assess and Realign offer:

A 2 and a half hour session which includes a comprehensive assessment, consultation and finally a treatment to start working through whatever causes most stress in the body.

Using two devices for your intitial assessment, the Orassy is able to look at your current life state by analysing 3 different aspects of your being:


· Psycho-somatic: The manifestation of long standing problems in the physical body, how well the body is coping with these issues and whether or not there are any warning signs for deeper illness or disease.
· Psycho-emotional: The impact and level of integration of all the parts of our being and how this affect us on the emotional level. This part of the assessments offers an insight into our perception of life, how we block ourselves from seeing through illusions and how this manifests as stress in the system as a whole.
· Psycho-mental: Depicts the very subtle level of our information matrix and how well this structure is able to receive and/or interact with the information that surrounds us. This Information field organ coherence scan can offer vital insight into the level of communication within our body systems as well as our interaction with our daily environment.

After your initial assessment, you will receive feedback through consultation with time to discuss any further questions you may have.
We conclude your session with a treatment on the TimeWaver Frequency device which offers you the first opportunity to correct some of the corrupted information on all the levels of your being, ranging from Organ system, microbial and chromosome levels, through all the spectrums of light and sound that makes up you.

After your session you will receive a list of recommendations about how to continue improving your life, whether it is through further assessment, supplementation, rehabilitative movement arts, other therapeutic treatments or re-education through courses or workshops.