Orassy Research

Exploring new frontiers in the merging of Science and Metaphysics

Orassy Research in association with the Moscow State University of Education are currently engaged in several exciting research projects bringing together cutting edge science and a wide spectrum of disciplines. These projects explore the foundations of wisdom traditions and apply scientific protocols to research their effectiveness as well as how these findings can be applied to new technologies for the benefit of humanity.

Current Research

Some of the projects currently being researched include:

Human Complex Research

Focusing on 3 fundamental areas of Theapeutic & Corrective techniques and Meditative state this project aims to pioneer the concept of diagnostics through the study of posture, brain activity, cardio-vascular and respiratory interaction together with psychological and social analysis.

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Quantum Feng Shui

Modern humans live in big cities. Such an environment is a relatively new phenomenon in human evolution. Through our work in the clinic we have noted the strong impact of the environment on clients and their ability to maintain homeostasis.

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Development of new technologies

The Quantum Integrative Medicine (QIM) model brings together principles from Science, Wisdom Traditions, Allopathy and Complementary Alternative Medicine while using a complex of quantum devices.

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Our Affiliates

Partnering With Top Scientific Institutions

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Moscow State Pedagogical University


National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”


“All the information gave me hands-on approaches to take control of my attitude and experience of daily life”
Mark Van Ham, Msc. Psychology
“Konstantin is a great master and teacher and the insights and revelations that occur under his guidance are unparalleled in my experience”
Anna Forbes, Integrative Medical Doctor
“Whilst there are many therapies that facilitate the rehabilitation of self that I have undergone; none have had such a profound effect as The Blue Print Course”
Golda White, Alternative Health Workshop Facilitator
“I have participated in the Blueprint course over four times. Every time it was a very unique experience that had a profound and transformative effect on me”
Eli Chan, Psychologist
“Quantum Feng Shui has the power to measure and manage all of these states and more and therefore finally integrate the ‘full’ human factor into the design and build of our towns, offices and homes.”
“I went to re-find myself”
Aneta, Orassy Ultimate Health Client
“Each journey we take is getting us closer and more in touch through experience of our true nature”
Angelina Foo, Designer