A Sacred site earth healing journey with aboriginal elder Uncle Max.

A Rare Guided Tour To The UK's Greatest Sacred Sites For Earth And Self Healing.

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A 3-Day Journey Especially Designed For Those Who Have A Love Of History, A Fascination For The Mystical And A Desire To Visit Some Of The Most Beautiful And Sacred Places In These Most Ancient Lands

Program of this journey:

Friday – Hastings landing site and Battle. Meeting at 11am at Battle, finish 6pm

Saturday - Glastonbury & Avebury Stonehenge & Salisbury Cathedral. Meeting at the Stonehenge, parking lot, at 11am, finish 8pm

Sunday – Ancient Briton Neolithic site, TBC

This Journey Includes Guided Practices Led By Uncle Max and Konstantin.


On this spot in the year 1066, the armies of King Harold and William the Conqueror clashed at the Battle of Hastings.


Glastonbury Tor is a tower-topped hill linked to Arthurian legend, overlooking the marshy Somerset Levels.


World-famous stone circle at the heart of a prehistoric landscape.

′Uncle′ Max, as he is widely known, has been sharing his cultural knowledge for over 30 years - in that time taking more than 6000 people from all walks of life onto country and explaining Aboriginal ways. Uncle Max, who states that the teachings he reveals are ′the living treasures of my life′ offer a rare, personal insight into the traditional teachings of an elder of the Yuin people (South Coast, NSW). He provides simple and clear understandings into Aboriginal culture for people from all nationalities. His teachings cover their Creation Dreaming, bush lore, foods, healing, laws and punishment, spirituality and the significance of relationship to land.

In passing on traditional wisdom Uncle Max focuses on three truths: See the land...the beauty; Hear the land...the story; Feel the land...the spirit.

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Uncle Max
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Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world
The vibrant Cathedral church with Britain's tallest spire and best preserved Magna Carta.



We will be visiting one more ancient Neolithic Site in the Area.

Konstantin Pavlidis is a wisdom keeper and spiritual master who has travelled to countless power sites across the planet over the last 35 years to conduct  rituals and ceremonies with many masters of different wisdom traditions.

Professor Konstantin Pavlidis’ background is extraordinarily rich. With a direct lineage to masters and healers he was taught from the early age of 6. Since, he has mastered many areas of Science, Physics, Metaphysics, Self-development and many more high level disciplines.

15-17th September 2017

Konstantin Pavlidis

Max Dulumunmun Harrison

1 day £100
2 days £200
3 days £250

Sacred Site journeys are aimed at tuning into and harnessing the support, healing and Consciousness of the Planet for oneself and collective healing on multiple levels.

Sacred Sites are geomagnetic power points where earth energies cross in the form of ley lines to create a grid of planetary meridians forming a concentration of Earth consciousness.

This Core Earth Energy and planetary healing is based on specific ancient  practices that will be taught to all individuals who participate on the journey.

Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison is an Elder of the Yuin Nation of Australian Indigenous peoples and is a spokes-person, teacher and representative of his people both within Australia and internationally.

Uncle Max will join Konstantin on a first time journey to sacred sites in England to transform illnesses of Earth and social consciousness with the view to heal the wounds between the former British empire and its many colonies.

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