As part of Movement Mastery

“My experience was one of greater equilibrium – balanced and integrated”

Emergence Yoga is an ALL NEW Yoga course with a difference. With roots in Movement Mastery, Emergence incorporates elements of Zen Essence Yoga, Free movement, sound and chanting and mantras, as well as complementary additions such as essential oils. These additions add new dimension to the practice, open up deeper levels of self and offer insight into your current practice. Emergence is very much an open practice, guided by its participants and supported by the teacher, which makes this a very unique Yoga practice. Participants of all levels are welcome.

Emergence is led by Aniko Nagy, Experienced Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Movement Master and Energy Worker

A few points about Emergence Yoga:

  • Different every time!
  • Defined by the moods and states of all participants, the ‘mood of the day’
  • People who like yoga but feel it to be too rigid/structured sometimes – ‘go with the flow’ types
  • People who would like to learn to connect to their intuition more intimately
  • People who may be going through a challenging period or have questions about themselves and life
  • People who enjoy aspects of group work (though this does not define or limit the practice)
  • Movement/Dance people
  • People who like exploring different modalities within their practice, e.g. aromatherapy, clearing, chanting, mantras, free movement

*Please book in advance as spaces are limited.