Life Through Vision

Originally launched as Orassy Kendron, meaning “Vision Centre”, the Orassy works on the principle that each person who visits us will be offered the opportunity to find their own personal centre of vision within themselves.

The Orassy is a multi-functional centre which focuses on every aspect of health, wellness and self-development. We preserve the original meaning of “Spa”, a place of healing, enabling a personal evolution in each individual.

The Orassy was established in 2007 and officially opened in 2008. The centre was founded by Konstantin Pavlidis whose vision and aim is to offer the most comprehensive platform for establishing and maintaining good health. This is accomplished through combining advanced scientific discoveries with complementary medicine and ancient wisdom traditions.

The structure of Orassy is much more than simply a centre – it is a joining of a great many disciplnes through a complete understanding that we as beings are multi-layered and not merely a body.

The Orassy logo represents a genesis point which forms the centre of a spiral, as seen rotating clockwise towards view. This illustrates the journey all beings are on to return to source, a philosophy found in most wisdom traditions. This path can also be observed quite clearly, from the smallest of the sub-atomic particles to the largest celestial body. The outer circle is a representation of whole- or oneness, completing a cycle as well as the 5 elements.