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Mongolia is a vast emptiness, which was once the heartland of an empire stretching from Mongolia to Europe under the watchful eyes of Genghis Khan and where it is said that land meets sky, it is this vast majestic emptiness that is one of the country’s most appealing factors. It is referred to as “The Land of Blue Skies” with over 250 sunny days each year. July is one of the best times to visit due to the Naadam holiday which is celebrated throughout Mongolia between the 10th & 13thof the month.

A third of the population live in the Capital whilst 40% of the country’s workforce is Nomadic, hoarding livestock in the extensive pasturelands. One of the last places in the world where Nomadic lifestyle is still alive in a very sparsely populated semi-desert and beautiful steppe, this vast grassland offers an opportunity to connect with nature in unparalleled ways.

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Product Description

A short list of possible activities that you will be able to partake in include

  • Daily schedule format: 7am Yoga, Followed by Breakfast, Excursions/Visits, Evening dining followed by 9pm discourse/reflection
  • Daily Yoga Activities by master instructors Konstantin Pavlidis and Aniko Nagy (7am)
  • Two meals per day included (Breakfast and Dinner)
  • Discourse and group discussions
  • Visit to Khamba Lama Medicine Buddha monastery, Mamba Datsan centre
  • Audience with and blessing from Khamba Lama Natsagdorj
  • Visit to Khamba Lama’s Medical College and Hospital
  • Visit to Hui doloon khudag – during Naadam festival in 11-13 July. It is vast empty steppe, which is transformed into a nomad village during the festival, with activities such as horse racing, traditional food, eagles etc
  • Visit to the  Stadium where the official opening of the festival takes place, wrestling and national archery competition.
  • Visits to ancient Monasteries: Gandan, Dambadarjaa Manzushiri, Manbadatsan etc.
  • Visit to the Chinggis Khan monument  the biggest horse and rider monument in the world.
  • Visit to the National history musuem
  • Visit to the GER DISTRICT – a real nomadic city unique structure
  • Visits to the  vast countryside – real Mongolian wild land.
  • Savor traditional local food

Pre Requirements Checklist

  • Arrange your Visa beforehand
  • Vegetarian dishes are hard to come by
  • Summer clothes for the day
  • Something warm for the evening as the temperature might drop
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • A rain coat
  • Moisturiser highly recommended due to proximity of Gobi Dessert and extreme dry conditions

What’s included in the offer

  • Transport during course to various sites and visits
  • Prices cover your stay at a Ulaanbaator Hotel (To be decided)
  • Breakfast and Dinner Inclusive
  • Daily Yoga Classes and Energy Development Practices
  • Excursion and entry to sites

What is not included

  • Flights  (though we can assist in finding the fairest fares)
  • Any additional food, gifts or services you may wish to purchase
  • Additional accommodation for the evening of the end of the course (special rate available)

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Payment Options

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