Self Healing Practice

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Every month we run a self healing opportunity at the Orassy, open for anybody to join.

The session lasts only 2 hours with an introduction to the Life encounter journey we host in Indonesia every year followed by the very powerful self healing practice (program might vary).

The self healing practice is a non-religious practice that teaches us about the interaction we have with the universe and environment, but also tells us about the links between the emotional and physical.

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Product Description

Even though the practice is Tibetan and therefore influenced by Buddhism, it is not a requirement or deciding factor on any level as we are all influenced by emotional, environmental and physical aspects daily.

The reason for the introduction to the Life encounter journey is to give you a context for the practice, as this is where the main practice happens…

To find the date for the next self healing event, please look at our events calendar.

Multiple Therapies combined into one Practice

This practice combines several therapies together to create a powerful transformation in self, to purify the body, speech and mind, and to heal the inner and outer five elements and the environment.

Therapies included in the practice:

  • Breathing therapy
  • Gesture therapy
  • Sound therapy
  • Visualisation therapy
  • Colour therapy
  • Opening chakras therapy
  • Seed syllable therapy
  • Symbol therapy

There will be a short introduction on how this practice fits in with our annual Life Encounter Journey to Indonesia followed by a short break and the practice itself.

The introduction will also be around the significance of this journey, the transformational power and overview of the activities that will lead to a deeper understanding of self and your purpose.