Entry Level Self – Development

In the modern world, stress is very prevalent across virtually all aspects of our daily lives. The research has shown that prolonged exposure to stress has detrimental effects on our health, both mentally and physically. Our entry level Self Development classes and courses are designed to enable you to establish solid foundation and a path towards inner growth. This will allow you to significantly reduce effects of the stresses of daily life, leading to less pain, more balance and better clarity of Mind.

Our system involves a combination of breathing exercises along with meditation, visualisation, stretching, strengthening and development of Life Force. These uniquely combined practices have been organised into a range of 6 week courses, such as EmergenceDance Mastery and Zen Essence Yoga. Each of them taking participants on a journey towards self discovery, balance, increased vitality and calm. The yoga classes can also be attended as Drop-in sessions. The courses are suitable for all levels of ability both for beginners and experienced; all exercises can be adjusted according to your level of ability so there is no reason not to give it a try.

Intermediary Level Self-Development

This level is for people who are more curious about their inner world and the world around them, outside of their daily existence and wish to delve deeper into their path of Whole-Self Development. Attending any of the entry level courses or classes is beneficial but not necessary to take part in these courses.

The intermediary level consists of three courses that are run over four consecutive days. The courses combine teachings in the form of lectures, movement exercises and time to introspect and explore, whilst gaining experiential reference of your inner world and the teachings.

The journey starts on a Thursday evening with the Life Brilliance, a three hour talk on Life it self outside of our social concepst. During these three hours you will learn about Life through its eyes and re-discover its wonder. You will also have an opportunity to explore what Life means to you, what you need from it and what is blocking you from achieving what you need.

The following day, on the Friday you will learn about Physiconomy, Natural Law in Life. This one day workshop combines gentle physical exercises with talks and meditation. The day focuses on exploring the Laws of Nature and how they manifest in daily life, how they influence us and how to function in alignment with them in order to maximize the flow of our lives.

The final workshop Ego-Mind-Con is held over the Saturday and Sunday and explores the connection and nature of the Ego, Mind and Consciousness.  A series of talks and meditations will allow you to explore subconscious aspects of your being, deepening your understanding of your inner  make-up and how it affects your functioning in daily life. You will be able to explore in a safe environment the interplay of different aspects of your Self.

These courses offer a solid foundation which is necessary when you wish to embark on a journey of Inner development and growth. They provide a strong platform from which growth can be sustained and thereafter lasting transformation can occur. They will allow you to accelerate you progress and integrate the teachings to you evolve into Whole-Self to achieve your Highest Potential.