Zen Essence Yoga (Master Led Workshop)

Master teacher and founder of Zen Essence Yoga will be offering a unique 1 day Yoga Workshop on Sunday 2nd October (10am to 6pm) at Orassy in Westferry, London.

What will be covered: – Understanding Universal principles of movement and their application to daily life.

What you receive: Health / Balance / Harmony / Happiness!

Perfect for those seeking a “Teacher Training” perspective. Prior experience with Yoga is recommended.

Please join Konstantin for this unique opportunity in understanding the foundation of your yoga / Life practice.

We look forward to seeing you there.

We strongly recommend you sign up early as there are limited spaces available.

 Cost: £120 Early Bird by 16th Sept   /    £135 after 16th September

 Please call us on 0207 517 9521 to reserve your place.

Zen Essence Yoga draws from the knowledge and wisdom of numerous disciplines and cultures, including that of modern western science to create a common ground. Its aim is to teach the fundamental principles of energy of movement that form the foundation of our daily lives.  

It comprises of a system of interaction and communication. This follows integration of the major paths of self-development and realisation.

Traditionally, these paths are known as:

  • Jnana Yoga – the yoga of philosophy
  • Bhakti Yoga – devotional yoga through faith
  • Raja Yoga – control of mind fluctuations e.g. Zen
  • Hatha Yoga – the discipline of mental & physical control
  • Kriya Yoga – the yoga of chanting & worship
  • Karma Yoga – the yoga of service to others

Through the promotion of this interactivity we can explore and connect with our essential self.

The work involves a series of various exercises and movement experiences such as:

  • Meditative breathing and visualisation that discharges excess energy and improves concentration, sensitivity, body co-ordination and stamina.
  • Re-education of the nervous system and development of life-force energy in the body.
  • Learning exercises, which correct physiological/psychological imbalances and re-align the body.
  • Analysing the source or motive of movement and its expression in daily communication.
  • Diagnosis and re-balancing of the human aura.
  • Exercises for re-balancing the chakras.
  • Healing using sound (breathing vibrations, voice harmonics).
  • Understanding and interacting with the natural laws of movement (gravity, geometry oppositional forces) which are at the foundation of our crystal body
  • Applying these laws and Principles to daily life